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Yard & Lawn Signs

Yard Signs

  • Durable & Waterproof fluted plastic
  • Install outdoors or place in a window
  • Multiple sizes available

Step 1.  Select Your Size - Yard & Lawn Signs Are Available in Multiple Sizes

Design Today:
A Quantity of Is Just $20.50 Each

Quantity Discounts for 12" x 24" Yard & Lawn Signs

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About 12" x 24"  Yard & Lawn Signs

Common Sizes

12" (h) x 24" (w)

16" (h) x 24" (w)

18" (h) x 24" (w)

Product Details

Yard signs are an extremely versatile type of outdoor advertising. They’ve been around for decades, but their effectiveness hasn’t faltered. Whether you’re looking to showcase your latest slogan or tell the community about your upcoming event, an exquisitely designed yard sign from is your answer.


Options Available for Yard & Lawn Signs

H Stake

Looking for a great way to display your yard signs? Our "H" Stakes are easy to install and hold your sign at the perfect height. Select this option and we'll include one "H" Stake for each sign in your order.


4 MM White Corrugated Plastic

Core Components:
  • 4mm thickness (0.16")
  • Chemical & Stain Resistant 
Best Uses:
  • Extremely versatile
  • Yard, Street and Window advertisements
  • Campaign announcements
  • Quick and relevant messages
Corrugated Plastic, commonly knowns as Coropolast, is a very durable, affordable and almost universal display product for street and yard signs. Polypropylene forms the strong, interior structure of the product and features dual-wall plastic sheeting. This product is also entirely recyclable and is a great friend to the environment. 


Download one of our templates to use with your favorite design program; such as, Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop.

If you would like to design without using our templates, please set your document to the BLEED size indicated in the table below. Set your guides to the TRIM size and keep all important information within the SAFETY size. Anything outside of the TRIM size will be lost during production.  

For a more accurate preview of what your photos will look like, you should convert them from RGB to CMYK color, before placing them in your layout. 

 Product Size  Bleed (h x w)  Trim (h x w)  Safety (h x w) Template
 12" (h) x 18" (w)  12.125" x 18.125"  12.0" x 18.0"

 12" x 18"


 12" (h) x 24" (w)  11.75" x 23.75"  12.0" x 24.0"

 12" x 24"


 16" (h) x 24" (w)  15.75" x 23.75"  16.0" x 24.0"

 16" x 24"


 18" (h) x 24" (w)  17.5" x 23.5"  18.0" x 24.0"

 18" x 24"


Yard signs are a classic way to showcase your big messages. These conventional ads can be placed almost anywhere with soil, although more traditionally placed in front of homes. They travel easily, so buy a bundle to cover more territory. When you receive your custom yard signs from, identify where you’d like to place them. We offer a handy and step-by-step approach for installation of our yard signs. 

Set-Up/ Tools Required:
  1. H Stake
  2. Soft Soil to mount the H Stake
  3. Yard Sign
  4. Hammer (if the ground is hard and you need to pound the H stake into place)
  5. H Stakes are not a complete requirement to display your yard sign.'s yard signs can also be displayed in windows or on a flat surface. 
To Begin:
  1. Select the area you’d like to display your custom-designed yard sign
  2. Take the H Stake and insert two of the prongs into the “flutes” of the corrugated plastic.(The flutes are the small holes that run the length of the sign. Make sure you insert them in the centered portion of the sign)
  3. Insert the other end of the H stake firmly into the soil
  4. If needed, use a hammer to help mount the bottom portion of the stake
  5. Enjoy your work of art and watch the passersby in admiration!


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