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Throw Table Covers

Throw Table Covers

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Step 1.  Select Your Size - Throw Table Covers Are Available in Multiple Sizes

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A Quantity of Is Just $199.00 Each

Step 2.  Design From Scratch or Browse Our Templates Below

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About 6' (3 Sided) Throw Table Covers

Common Sizes

6' (3 Sided)

8' (3 Sided)

6' (4 Sided)

8' (4 Sided)

Product Details


Custom Throw Table Covers

The perfect branded showcase – custom throw table covers from Promote your brand, business or event with a custom table cloth, offering limitless advertising opportunities. For a classic showcase, opt for throw table covers for your next display.

Throw table covers offer luxurious, dye-sublimation fabric that exquisitely promotes a branded table cloth display. The table cover fabric material elegantly drapes over the table banner surface. incorporates the finest custom table cloth material that installs in a matter of seconds and can be quickly folded back up.

Enhance your business events with a custom throw table cloth or tabletop banners – we offer many custom table cloth templates. Our online design app is a breeze to use and your fresh display table cover design will be ready in minutes. Fundraising custom table covers are also a great way to get your messages across on a table top display for an engaging table throw display.

Popular Uses For Custom Throw Table Covers

Custom throw table covers are an excellent way to create a branded table cover display for your organization. Display table cloths easily showcase your brand or other important message by just simply lying over a table. Custom throw table covers are perfect for trade show table covers and displays, while also creating a striking message as a fundraising or event table cover.

A very common use for throw table covers is tradeshow and branded advertising. Throw table top displays can showcase your brand in front of a large audience. Design a custom throw table cloth in our online design app or customize one of our table cover templates. Other common uses for throw table covers; such as business table covers, trade show table covers, campaign table covers or other custom fundraising table top displays, can easily benefit from the simplistic, yet defined nature of branded throw table covers.

Design a custom throw table cover in our easy-to-use design app – upload photos, logos, pre-designed artwork or revise one of our table cover templates. You can create a custom throw table cover from scratch as well in our design app. Start by scanning through our table throw templates and create a fabulous throw table cover design today!



Table Cover, Dye-Sublimation Fabric

Core Components:
  • Table cover fabric
  • Dye-Sublimation fabric printing
  • Flexible table cover advertising
  • Soft and wrinkle-free table cover fabric
  • Tightly-woven, no fray table banner material
Best Uses:
  • Trade show table covers
  • Event table top displays
  • Table Banners
  • Custom table cloths
  • Corporate table covers
  • Branded table cloth
  • Business table throws

Table Cover dye-sublimation fabric incorporates strength of material and fine color transfer for custom table cloths.’s dye-sublimation printing techniques allow exquisite representation of all your creative, table cover or trade show table cover designs. Whether your desire is increased branding for your business or a sleek table cover display canvas, table cover dye-sublimation fabric will get your big message in front of the masses.

Download one of our templates to use with your favorite design program; such as, Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop.

If you would like to design without using our templates, please set your document to the BLEED size indicated in the table below. Set your guides to the TRIM size and keep all important information within the SAFETY size. Anything outside of the TRIM size will be lost during production.  

For a more accurate preview of what your photos will look like, you should convert them from RGB to CMYK color, before placing them in your layout. 

 Product Size  Bleed (h x w)  Trim (h x w)  Safety (h x w) Template
 8' (3 Sided)  62.25" x 151.5"  62.25" x 151.5"

 62.25" x 151.5"


 6' (3 Sided)  62.25" x 127.5"  62.25" x 127.5"

 62.25" x 127.5"


 8' (4 Sided)  85" x 151.5"  85.0" x 151.5"

 85" x 151.5"


 6' (4 Sided)  85" x 127.5"  85.0" x 127.5"

 85" x 127.5"


Branded table top banners that drape right over your table display, enjoy custom throw table covers from Show off your brand or business to the public with the convenience of custom table cloths. Custom throw table cloths get your brand front and center and major events or trade shows

Throw table covers for trade shows and events can be installed in a matter of seconds. We offer a fast installation experience for your custom table cloth. Table covers can be displayed over an appropriately sized table; however they can create extra impact as trade show table covers and event table cloths. Our throw table cloths come in three convenient sizes for your next trade show table cover or branded table banner.

Install your Custom Throw Table cover:
  1. A flat and clean surface for your table throw
  2. CCustom throw table cover from
  3. A crowd to showcase your custom table cloth to
To Begin:
  1. Select the area you’d like to display your throw table cover
  2. Set-up the table to ensure the surface is clean and dry for your table banner
  3. Unfold the throw fabric table cover and place the corresponding corners of the table cloth over the corners of the display table
  4. Gently pull each end of the throw table cloth down and drape the table cover fabric over the corners of the display table
  5. Position your custom throw table cloth to evenly distribute the length on each side
  6. Showcase your brand to the masses with your fresh table cover display from!


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