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Advertising Flags

Advertising Flags

  • Design custom advertising flags online in minutes
  • Advertising flags promote your business
  • Available as feather, straight or teardrop flag banners

Teardrop Flags (Single Sided)

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For Just  $131.99 Each

Straight Flags (Single Sided)

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For Just  $131.99 Each

Feather Flags (Single Sided)

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For Just  $131.99 Each

Teardrop Flags (Double Sided)

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For Just  $169.00 Each

Straight Flags (Double Sided)

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For Just  $169.00 Each

Feather Flags (Double Sided)

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For Just  $169.00 Each

Custom Advertising Flags

Custom advertising flags from are sleek and durable showcases for any important message displayed on a flag banner. We offer premium quality, feather, straight and teardrop styling for our custom flag banners. Messages large and small are a perfect fit for your flag banner. Advertising flags sway in the wind while staying firmly mounted into the ground or you can also select a water weight bag to drape over the flag banner x stand.

 Advertising Flag Size Chart

Advertising flags from are 100% mobile and offer a sleek and sturdy carrying case to easily transport your flag banners. Attend events or showcase a special announcement with our promotional flags and custom flag banners. Customize your flag design in our easy-to-use design app, featuring endless creative possibilities for your advertising flags. You can upload your own photos, logos, pre-designed artwork or customize one of our banner flag templates.

Highlight sales, promotions or enhance your brand image with advertising flags from Promote your business or event with promotional flags and flag banners, offering limitless and flexible advertising opportunities. Your next sale or product launch will be a smash and your brand, strengthened at upcoming events or festivals with banner flags and custom advertising flags.

Advertising flags are manufactured with the finest, dye-sublimation flag banner fabric, which easily promotes a branded flag banner showcase. The flag banner fabric will wave to your audience in the wind and securely fits around the banner flag pole. All custom printed flags from come pre-stitched and are ready for instant set-up with your flag banner display pole set. We manufacture our flag banners using the industry’s finest banner flag fabric, offering fast installation and easy refolding.

Make a strong statement for your brand at an upcoming event with custom printed flags or banner flags – we offer a seamless design process and plenty of banner flag design templates. Our easy-to-use design app allows for complete customization of your advertising flag, in a matter of minutes. Promotional flags are fun and eye-catching displays that promote your brand or other important message with ease.

Popular Uses For Advertising Flags

Advertising flags are a large-scale and striking platform for any important message. Corporate branding with banner flags or promotional flags can increase awareness to pedestrians and motorists. Flag banners easily set-up almost anywhere, even indoors. Storefronts can be beautifully adorned with promotional flags, showcasing your logo or latest sale. Launching a new product? Flag banners couldn’t be a better way to kickoff your promotion with style. Use our design app to quickly design your streetscape banner flag in minutes.

Heading inside for an industry tradeshow or special event? Not a problem, advertising flags from can easily be displayed inside (only available with metal X banner flag base). We certainly recommend high ceilings if you plan on taking your flag banners inside, our smallest promotional flags are a whopping 8 feet tall! Many tradeshows offer very high ceilings and a flag banner can be a great accent to your trade show booth.

Advertising flags are a common tool for business branding. Promotional flags can easily show your brand to the masses. Designing banner flags in our design app couldn’t be easier. Customize one of our flag banner templates or design one from scratch. Other common uses for advertising flags; such as corporate flag banners, product advertising flags, banner flag brand displays, business banner flags and other branded banner flag displays, can obtain superior brand exposure to the public at a low cost.

Design a custom advertising flag in our online design app – upload your own photos, logos, pre-designed artwork or customize one of our banner flag templates. Create your custom promotional flags in a matter of minutes. Browse our collection banner flag templates and create sleek advertising flags today

Install Your Banner Stand

Custom advertising flags that sway in the breeze and wave to your audience, enjoy custom banner flags from Decorate your storefront with exquisite, fabric flag banner material to show off your brand, logo or product to the masses, with the convenience and versatility of a custom flag banner. Custom promotional flags enhance the appeal of your brand and easily highlight major announcements or messages.

Custom advertising flags can be installed in a matter of seconds. We offer quick installation for your custom banner flag. Flag banners are most commonly displayed in front of stores, businesses or at trade shows. Our advertising flags come in 4 convenient size for your next major sale, announcement or branded flag banner display – enjoy extra small, small, medium or large-sized promotional flags from

Set-Up/ Tools Required:
  1. A flat and clean surface for flag banner
  2. Custom advertising flag from
  3. A crowd to showcase your banner flags to
To Begin:
  1. Select the are you’d like to display your promotional flags
  2. Set-up the base component first – flag banner x base or spike base
  3. The flag banner X base simply unfolds into an “X” shape and is ready to install
  4. If you have a spike base, simply stake it into the ground
  5. Assemble the banner flag poles to their appropriate length (XS, S, M or L)
  6. Slide the tip of the narrow end into the pre-stitched fabric “tube” that follows the exterior edge of the banner flag fabric
  7. Firmly push the pole through flag banner until the tip gets to the top end of the banner flag
  8. Once the banner flag has taken its shape, the bottom component of the fiberglass flag banner pole will securely slide over the previously mounted base
  9. Showcase your messages to the masses with your brand new advertising flag from!

Advertising Flag Substrates

Advertising Flag, dye-sublimation fabric

Core Components:
  • Dye-Sublimation fabric printing
  • Flexible advertising flag marketing
  • Soft and wrinkle-free flag banner fabric
  • Tightly-woven, no fray flag banner material
Best Uses:
  • Trade show flag banners
  • Event advertising flags
  • Store-front flag banners
  • Custom flags
  • Corporate flag banners
  • Branded advertising flags
  • Business flag banners

Advertising flag, dye-sublimation fabric incorporates strength of material and fine color transfer for custom flag banners.’s dye-sublimation printing techniques allow exquisite representation of all your creative, promotional flag designs. Whether your desire is increased branding for your business or a sleek flag design, advertising flag, dye-sublimation fabric will get your big message in front of the masses.


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