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Materials & Substrates

We use only the best materials and substrates - most of them manufactured in the USA. Learn
about the characteristics and best uses of our various materials below.

VSC Adhesive Vinyl

  • Air channeled Adhesive Vinyl
  • Flexible Vehicle and Window Sticker Advertising

Best Uses:

  • Car Bumper
  • Vinyl Window Decals
  • Vehicle Body Decals

Air channeled self-adhesive vinyl is excellent for decals with easier installation. Our graphics install
best on a clean, dry surface and protect against the elements while beautifully displaying your

Foamcore 3/16"

  • Foamcore is a lightweight, rigid board, great for displays and indoor signage.

Table Cover, Dye-Sublimation Fabric

Core Components:

  • Table cover fabric
  • Dye-Sublimation fabric printing
  • Flexible table cover advertising
  • Soft and wrinkle-free table cover fabric
  • Tightly-woven, no fray table banner material

Best Uses:

  • Trade show table covers
  • Event table top displays
  • Table Banners
  • Custom table cloths
  • Corporate table covers
  • Branded table cloth
  • Business table throws

Table Cover, dye-sublimation fabric incorporates high material strength and vibrant color
transfer for custom table cloths. Ready2print.com’s dye-sublimation printing technique allows
sharp, accurate representation of your custom artwork to professionally present your event or
brand. Whether your goal is increased branding for your business or a sleek table cover display
for family reunions, company parties, fund raisers or party; Ready2Print’s table covers will

Tent Top, Dye-Sublimation Fabric

Core Components:

  • Dye-Sublimation fabric
  • Soft and wrinkle-free
  • Woven and no fray

Best Uses:

  • Tradeshow and event displays
  • Tent Displays and Shelters

Pop-Up Tent, custom dye-sublimation fabric incorporates light weight yet strong material with
vibrant color transfer. Ready2Print.com’s dye-sublimation printing technique allows for limitless
custom graphics for your pop-up canopy tent. Upload custom designs for each of four panels or use
our friendly and extensive online designer to make your next public event shaded and well

Advertising Flag, dye-sublimation fabric

Core Components:

  • Advertising flag fabric
  • Dye-Sublimation fabric printing
  • Flexible advertising flag marketing
  • Soft and wrinkle-free flag banner fabric
  • Tightly-woven, no fray flag banner material

Best Uses:

  • Trade show flag banners
  • Event advertising flags
  • Store-front flag banners
  • Custom flags
  • Corporate flag banners
  • Branded advertising flags
  • Business flag banners

Advertising Flag, dye-sublimation fabric incorporates flowing material with high tensile
strength plus vibrant color transfer. Ready2print.com’s dye-sublimation printing technique
allows exquisite representation of all your creative, promotional flag designs. Notify guests of
check-in, broadcast to drivers a retail sale or move in special or tout your favorite sports team;
Ready2Print’s fabric advertising flags have many uses both single and double sided.

13 oz. Vinyl

Core Components:

  • Fire Retardant – NFPA 701 Compliant
  • 13 oz. 1000 x 1000 denier coated PVC Vinyl

Best Uses:

  • Indoor & Outdoor banners
  • Large displays on building fronts

13 oz. vinyl is the preferred material among industry-leading printing manufacturers. 13 oz. vinyl
incorporates strength with superior image quality. Whether your goal is a sleek, reflective sheen or
a matte and clear-cut display, 13 oz. vinyl is the standout choice.

4 MM White Corrugated Plastic

Core Components:

  • 4mm thickness (0.16")
  • Chemical & Stain Resistant

Best Uses:

  • Extremely versatile
  • Yard, Street and Window advertisements
  • Campaign announcements
  • Quick and relevant messages

Corrugated Plastic, commonly knowns as Coropolast, is durable, affordable and almost universally
used to display productson the street oras yard signs. Polypropylene forms the strong interior
structure of the product and features dual-wall plastic sheeting. This product is also entirely
recyclable and is a great friend to the environment.

4 mil Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Core Components:

  • Bumper Sticker Adhesive Vinyl
  • Flexible Bumper Sticker Advertising

Best Uses:

  • Car Bumper
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Funny Bumper Sticker

Self-adhesive vinyl is excellent to use for bumper stickers. It is a long-lasting material that can
easily withstand the elements while maintaining vibrant colors.

30pt. Magnetic Material

Core Components:

  • Printable and magnetized material
  • 0.030” magnet thickness
  • Outstanding ink bond and image quality
  • Flexible magnet advertising

Best Uses:

  • Magnetic Car Signs
  • Custom truck advertising
  • Mobile advertising and car magnets
  • Business magnetic car signs
  • Real estate signs or Insurance magnet advertising
  • Service Industry Signs

30 pt. Magnetic Material easily bonds to steel surfaces, including; cars, trucks and vans.

Steel "H" Stake

Core Components:

  • Sturdy & durable steel composition
  • 24" tall x 10" wide
  • Compatible with all yard signs
  • Easy installation

Best Uses:

  • Suitable for any yard display
  • Fits easily into our 4mm corrugated plastic material

Steel H-Stakes are the perfect accessory to go with your Yard sign from
CampaignSignDepot.com. It is the main display method for all small to medium-sized yard signs.
H-Stakes plant firmly in the ground and are weather and wind-resistant. Installation is super easy
and all of your big messages will be set-up in seconds.

8 Mil Polypropylene - No Curl Banner Stand Vinyl

Core Components:

  • Water and UV resistant
  • Ultra white and Matte finish
  • Glare-Reducing coating
  • Stays flat in retractable banner stands

Best Uses:

  • Retractable Banner Stand Displays
  • Tradeshows, Promotions and Events
  • Stay Flat Material for a sleek showcase
  • Quick and relevant messages

No Curl Banner Vinyl is specifically designed to resist edge curling in retractable banner stands.
This material is covered in water and UV-resistant coating, to ensure durability. The surface
incorporates a matte finish to help reduce glare from indoor lighting

Rope (Braided Nylon Cord)

Core Components:

  • Unrivaled strength
  • Reinforced, braided design
  • Knots easily and retains hold
  • Moisture and shred-resistant

Best Uses:

  • Easily moves with a pulley system
  • Knots easily around grommets
  • Sturdy display of banners

Our braided nylon cord roping is an extremely durable, but lightweight material. The reinforced,
braided design ensures your displays will be taught and firmly mounted. The strength of our
nylon cord allows for slight stretching, ensuring a tight and firm display