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Will my sign look like the digital proof?

There are two different aspects to matching a proof - color and content.


The proof that you see on-screen will be a close approximation to the final colors on your printed product but because of differences in the way monitors display color and are calibrated it will not be an exact match. Computer monitors use a tehchnology known as RGB (red, green, blue) to display color. Printing is done with either CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow & black) or solid pre-mixed colors. If you need to see the exact color before your product is printed please contact us prior to placing your order to arrange for a physical color proof for a small additional charge.


The content refers to the text, shapes, graphics and placement of the elements on your design. The content of your sign will match the content of the proof you see on-screen, adjusting for slight trim variations in manufacturing.


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