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How much does charge for shipping?

The cost of shipping is determined by several factors - the size of the product(s) that you are ordering, the quantity and weight of those products and the speed with which you would ilke the product(s) shipped.

We offer three different levels of shipping; Expedited, Standard and Super Saver. For many products, Expedited shipping is equivalent to overning shipping. There are some items that can only be shipped via truck and in that case, Expedited shipping would be the fastest shipping service available to your destination.

When checking out, you'll have the opportunity to select the shipping method you'd like, along with the associated cost. Each shipping method will display the date by which you should expect to receive your product. Simply choose when you want to receive your items and you'll see the shipping cost.

If you would like to further speed up your delivery time, some items offer the option of Expedited Production Days. On the options page for any item, you'll see production time listed. The drop down shows the Standards Production Time (in business days) for that item to be produced and also the Expedited Production Time that is available. The overall cost of the item reflects any expedited option you may select.


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