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How is the price determined for my order?

The cost of the products you order is based on several factors - the size, quantity, material and options.

In general, the larger a printed product, the more it will cost. As for quantity, the more of a given product that we produce at one time, the less it costs us to produce it - and we pass that savings along to you. Some materials cost us more to buy from the manufacturers than others, so that will affect the cost. Many products offer the opportunity to add Options - such as grommets, stands, rope, etc. Different options have different costs and will affect the overall cost of the product.

Some items also offer the opportunity to select either a Standard Production Time or an Expedited Production time. If you'd like us to rush or expedite your order, we're happy to do so, but we have to charge a little bit more.

When you checkout, you can choose your shipping method. The faster you want something shipped, the more the carrier will charge to ship it.

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