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Can I upload my own art or must I use the design app?

At, we want to work the way you want to work. So, if you'd like to use artwork that you or someone else has created in another design program, we make that easy.

There are two ways that you can create your designs - use Design Central, our feature packed online design tool - or you can upload artwork created elsewhere.

Online Designer - Design Central

To use Design Central to create your artwork, just select the product that you're interested in and then browse our countless design templates to use as a starting point. Once you find a template that you like, just click on it and Design Central will open with your selected template. You can then select text or objects to make any changes you'd like. Change the name, the colors, the fonts, add your own logo or graphics or even upload your own photo. The possibilities are limitless.

Once you've got the design the way you like it, click the Save and Continue button in the designer and you'll be taken to the Options page where you can select any additional options you'd like to add to the sign and also approve the proof of your artwork.

Upload Your Own Artwork

We know that many campaigns hire a professional designer to create a look or brand for the campaign.  It's easy to use artwork created by a professional designer in another program with Campaign Sign Depot - just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the design template for your selected product from our Templates section. You'll download an editable PDF file that can be opened in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw or your favorite design program. You can also download the appropriate template from the Options page for that product.
  2. Place your professionally designed artwork into the template, taking note of any trim or safety lines.
  3. Delete the Bleed/Trim/Safety information layer in the template.
  4. Save your file as a high resolution PDF or EPS file.
  5. Select the product that you'd like and then choose "Upload Your Design" when you're shown the various design templates. From there you'll be taken to the Options page.
  6. From the Options page you can upload your own artwork that you created in another program. Just follow the instructions in the Upload Your Artwork box.
  7. Before adding your item to your shopping cart, be sure to click the Approve Proof button to approve a proof of your uploaded artwork.

If you don't already have your final artwork, but want to place your order anyway, you can still do so. Just select the "Upload Your Design" option, pick your additional options and checkout as normal. You'll receive a link in your Order Confirmation email where you can come back to and upload your final artwork.You can even give your designer a link to allow them to upload your artwork without using your email address.



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