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Double Sided Retractable Banners

Double Sided

Retractable Banner Stands

  • Custom Graphics, Your creations
  • Advertising that fits over your shoulder
  • Double-Sided, Deluxe Banner Stand Available

Step 1.  Double Sided Retractable Banners Are Easy to Design & Order

A Quantity of Is Just $219.95 Each  -  Order More and Save!

Step 2.  Design From Scratch or Browse Our Templates Below

Quantity Discounts for 80" x 33" Single Retractable Double Sided Retractable Banners

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About 80" x 33" Single Retractable Double Sided Retractable Banners

Common Sizes

80" (h) x 33" (w) Single Retractable

Product Details

Add some extra pizzazz to your next event and go with eye-catching, retractable banners. These flashy advertising tools are an excellent showcase of your brand and are 100% mobile. Imagine carrying your presentation, right over your shoulder and taking it anywhere you need to go. Our banners are completely customizable and your showcasing opportunities, limitless. Retractable banner stands can be re-used numerous times with any message you can think of. Just swap out your old design and replace it with your new campaign slogan and you’re all set for the next event. 


Options Available for Double Sided Retractable Banners

Deluxe Banner Stand (83x33) 2 Sided

Our Deluxe, 2-sided Banner Stand is an excellent showcase for your custom graphics. They incorporate high-quality, no curl banner vinyl that conveniently retracts into and out of the base. No need to fuss with trickly installation instructions, your graphics come pre-installed. All banner stands include a mounting pole that fastens to the vinyl banner edge and holds it up high. 


8 Mil Polypropylene - No Curl Banner Stand Vinyl

Core Components:
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Ultra white and Matte finish
  • Glare-Reducing coating
  • Stays flat in retractable banner stands 
Best Uses:
  • Retractable Banner Stand Displays
  • Tradeshows, Promotions and Events
  • Stay Flat Material for a sleek showcase
  • Quick and relevant messages
 No Curl Banner Vinyl is specifically designed to resist edge curling in retractable banner stands. This material is covered in water and UV-resistant coating, to ensure durability. The surface incorporates a matte finish to help reduce glare from indoor lighting. 


Download one of our templates to use with your favorite design program; such as, Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop.

If you would like to design without using our templates, please set your document to the BLEED size indicated in the table below. Set your guides to the TRIM size and keep all important information within the SAFETY size. Anything outside of the TRIM size will be lost during production.  

For a more accurate preview of what your photos will look like, you should convert them from RGB to CMYK color, before placing them in your layout. 

 Product Size  Bleed (h x w)  Trim (h x w)  Safety (h x w) Template
 80" (h) x 33" (w) Single Retractable  86.25" x 33.25"  86.0" x 33.0"

 86" x 33"


Advertising that fits right over your shoulder. Retractable banners can travel almost anywhere, planes, trains and automobiles – their reach is nearly endless. When you receive your custom-designed retractable banner form, you’re ready to go. We offer a handy and step-by-step approach for installation of our retractable banners.. 

Retractable banners can literally be displayed anywhere – all you need is a flat and clean surface. Whether you’re attending a trade show, a convention, advertising your latest open house or just showing support for your kid’s soccer team – set-up is a breeze.. 

Set-Up/ Tools Required (Stand Assembly):
  1. Clean and flat display area
  2. Your custom retractable banner from
To Begin:
  1. Your vinyl banner will come pre-installed in the banner stand
  2. Assemble the display pole, which folds into one bar from three segments
  3. Mount the pole in the base of the stand
  4. Gently retract the stand and pull out the top mounting rail to hook over the display pole/ bar
Set-Up/ Tools Required for CHANGING vinyl art:
  1. Flat, clean surface that is visible to your audience
  2. Flat surface to layout your banners (to adhere them to the stand)
To Begin:
  1. Once you’ve selected your display location, layout your banner(s) on a flat, clean surface
  2. Assemble the display pole, which folds into one bar from three segments
  3. Mount the pole in the base of the stand
  4. Gently retract the stand and pull out the top mounting rail
  5. Loosen the screws along the mounting rail (where you adhere the top portion of the banner)
  6. Expose the adhesive and stick the banner material on it
  7. Firmly close the mounting rail and tighten screws
  8. Follow the same process with the rail as the top mount
  9. After securing the base, gently pull up and slowly retract the banner into the stand

You're now ready to begin your show!

 Protection for your Retractable Banner:

 All of our retractable banners are UV and water-resistant. With proper care, such as storing them when not in use, your banners can live a longer life with no fade or damage. To ensure longer life, properly clean any residue or debris that may accumulate on your retractable banner.


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