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Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers

  • Design Custom Bumper Stickers Online In Minutes
  • Custom Car Decals Are Easy To Install
  • Also Available As Bumper Magnets or Car Magnets

Step 1.  Select Your Size - Bumper Stickers Are Available in Multiple Sizes

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About 3" x 9"  Bumper Stickers

Common Sizes

3" (h) x 9" (w)

4"(h) x 4"(w)

4" (h) x 8" (w)

4" (h) x 12" (w)

Product Details


Custom Bumper Stickers

Express yourself in print with custom bumper stickers from! Promote your favorite cause, politician, personal philosophy or any other important topic with custom vinyl decals and bumper stickers for a striking impact to your fellow drivers.

Our bumper stickers are created with longevity in mind. The self-adhesive vinyl material will easily bond with your car bumper and create a great display for your custom vinyl decal or bumper sticker. incorporates the finest vinyl decal material that installs in seconds.

Promote your sense of humor with funny bumper stickers – we offer hundreds of custom bumper sticker templates. Use our built-in bumper sticker maker, AKA, Design Central to make your bumper sticker in minutes. Business bumper stickers are also a great way to get your message across on your car bumper for a quick and striking custom decal. We also suggest using your custom bumper sticker as a vinyl window decal - car window decals make your message even more visible on your car.

Custom Bumper Magnets offers custom bumper stickers manufactured with self-adhesive vinyl. We have also developed our custom vinyl decals as bumper magnets. The exact same designs can be created with our custom bumper magnets as our custom bumper stickers, but we manufacture our bumper magnets on 30 pt. magnetic material. Enjoy the same form of self-expression as bumper stickers, with the short-term convenience of magnets – swap out your message in seconds!

Our magnets firmly bond to the steel surfaces of your vehicle. Standard bumper magnet sizes are the same as our vinyl bumper stickers – 3”x9” or 4”x12”. If you prefer bumper magnets for cars, select the option after you have breezed through our online design app with your new design!

Popular Uses For Custom Bumper Stickers and Custom Bumper Magnets

Custom bumper stickers are a superior form of personal expression for your car bumper. Bumper stickers for cars can show the world your comedic genius or any other personal message by just driving around town. Car decals are perfect for your car bumper and can also be used as car window decals. Our self-adhesive decal stickers can be used almost anywhere on your vehicle.

A very common use for bumper stickers is business advertising. Business bumper stickers can quickly get in front of a large audience. Create a custom bumper sticker in our easy-to-use design app or customize one of our templates. Other uses for bumper stickers; such as funny bumper stickers, business bumper stickers, campaign bumper stickers or other custom bumper stickers can easily benefit from quick and mobile advertising.

One of the most common uses for bumper stickers and bumper magnets has always been as political advertising - show your support for the 2016 Presidential candidate of your choice with political bumper stickers. We have hundreds of Presidential bumper stickers and Presidential car magnets for all of the popular candidates, including Donald Trump bumper stickers, Jeb Bush stickers, Hillary Clinton bumper stickers and Bernie Sanders stickers. Check out our Presidential Bumper stickers and car magnets today!

Design a custom bumper sticker in our online design app – upload your photos, logos, pre-designed artwork or customize one of our bumper sticker templates. You can create a custom bumper sticker from scratch in our designer. Start browsing our templates and make a fantastic bumper sticker design today!


Options Available for Bumper Stickers

4 Mil Self Adhesive Vinyl

Our 4 mil, self-adhesive vinyl is an excellent showcase for your custom bumper stickers. It incorporates durability and flexibility for your custom vinyl decals. Select adhesive vinyl for a fast bond to your vehicle.

30 Mil Magnet Material

Our 30 Mil Magnet Material is an excellent option for your custom bumper magnet. We offer durable magnet material as a substitute for traditional decal vinyl. Magnets offer a quick and temporary message that can be swapped out in seconds. Select this option after breezing through our design app!

Sequential Numbering


4 mil Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Core Components:
  • Bumper Sticker Adhesive Vinyl
  • Flexible Bumper Sticker Advertising
Best Uses:
  • Car Bumper
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Funny Bumper Sticker
  • Car Window Decals
  • Vinyl Window Decals
Self-adhesive vinyl is excellent to use for car decals and custom bumper stickers. It provides an extremely lasting material and can easily withstand the elements. 


Download one of our templates to use with your favorite design program; such as, Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop.

If you would like to design without using our templates, please set your document to the BLEED size indicated in the table below. Set your guides to the TRIM size and keep all important information within the SAFETY size. Anything outside of the TRIM size will be lost during production.  

For a more accurate preview of what your photos will look like, you should convert them from RGB to CMYK color, before placing them in your layout. 

 Product Size  Bleed (h x w)  Trim (h x w)  Safety (h x w) Template
 3" (h) x 9" (w)  3.125" x 9.125"  3.0" x 9.0"

 3" x 9"


 4" (h) x 12" (w)  4.125" x 12.125"  4.0" x 12.0"

 4" x 12"


Personal expression that will stick right to your car bumper, enjoy custom bumper stickers from Show off your creative side or advertise your business to the public with custom vinyl decals. Bumper stickers get your big messages out on the streets en masse

Bumper stickers for cars can be installed in seconds. We offer a seamless installation experience for your custom decals. Bumper stickers can be displayed anywhere; however they tend to make the most impact on your car bumper or as a car window decal. Our bumper stickers come in two convenient sizes that will easily fit onto your vehicle, 3”x9“ and 4”x12”

To make them easy to install, bumper stickers and car decals have a 1/4 inch tab at one end that you can hold onto to make it easy to separate the vinyl decal from the paper liner or bumper sticker backing.

Install your Custom Bumper Sticker:
  1. A display surface for your custom car decal
  2. Spray cleaner or soap and water
  3. Sponge or Paper Towel
  4. A business card, credit card or other small rigid flat object to use as a squeegee
To Begin:
  1. Find your desired space on your car bumper or car window
  2. Clean the surface area for your custom decal and wipe it dry.
  3. Hold the 1/4 inch pull tab and bend backwards, separating the bumper sticker decal from the bumper sticker liner - expose about 1 inch of your car decal
  4. Holding your sticker level, press the 1 inch of exposed decal down to your vehicle surface
  5. With one hand slowly peel the back liner away from the bumper sticker decal while using the squeegee (business card, credit card or other small piece of cardboard or plastic) in the other hand to press the vehicle decal down to the bumper or other surface.
  6. Firmly run the sponge or paper twoel over the custom decal to help with adhesion to your vehicle
  7. Go for a drive, honk the horn and let everyone know you have a new custom bumper sticker from!
Install your Custom Bumper Magnet:
  1. A display surface for your custom bumper magnets
  2. Spray cleaner or soap and water
  3. Sponge or Paper Towel
To Begin:
  1. Find the desired space on your car bumper or car window
  2. Clean the surface area for your custom bumper magnets and wipe it dry.
  3. Evenly pick-up both sides of your custom bumper magnet and position on the desired area of your vehicle
  4. Holding your bumper magnet level, press the bumper magnet material down to your vehicle surface
  5. Run your hand over the bumper magnet to ensure a smooth bond with your vehicle
  6. Firmly run the sponge or paper towel over the custom decal to help with adhesion to your vehicle
  7. Go for a drive, honk the horn and let everyone know you have a new custom bumper magnet from!


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